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We offer a 90-day limited warranty on every product we sell free of charge. The warranty period begins the day after purchase and ends after 90 days. To make a warranty claim, simply contact our customer service email (salesadmin@legemnouveau.com).

What We Cover:

Manufacturing defects and material defects.

Replacement of jewelry if it cannot be repaired or the estimated repair cost is greater than the cost of replacement.

What We Don't Cover:

Damage or missing stones that occur due to misuse of the product. Jewelry is generally delicate and must be treated with care. We do not cover water damage, damage or tarnishing from wearing jewelry while exercising, or any behaviors that are known to damage sterling silver or gold jewelry (the customer is responsible for researching the care of their jewelry, but we do provide some "Care Tips" on every product page that you may find useful).

Damage from improper storage of jewelry.

Lost or stolen jewelry.

Accidental damage.

Signs of minor wear and tear associated with normal use.

Any enhancements or alterations you may want to make to your jewelry.

Routine maintenance of jewelry (this warranty is not a maintenance plan).


After you contact us about a warranty issue, we will ask for photos that clearly display the defect. Depending on the nature of the defect, we will do one of three things:

Compensate you for repair costs (we offer this when the repair cost will likely be minimal and less than the cost of replacing the jewelry).

Replace the jewelry if we still stock the piece in question (we offer this if the cost to send a new piece is comparable or less than that of the estimated repair costs).

Refund the the jewelry (we offer this if we no longer stock the piece and the repair costs may be greater or comparable to the cost of the refund).

Addition Information:

If we are compensating you for repairs, you will be responsible for choosing a jeweler to repair the jewelry. We do not select a jeweler for you or ask you to send it to our manufacturer. We find it is generally less stressful for customers to take their jewelry to a local jeweler, rather than send it away. If you choose to send the jewelry away to a jeweler of your choice, you will be responsible for the shipping costs. We do not cover shipping costs incurred to send jewelry away for repairs. We only cover the repair costs themselves. We will also need a receipt for any repairs we agree to cover. The receipt should include valid contact information for the jeweler that will be doing the repairs. We do not compensate you for any mistakes made by the jeweler you choose to use.


We reserve the right to refuse coverage of damage that appears to have arisen due to any of the exclusion points listed under the "What we don't cover" section of this policy. We will only cover one repair, replacement, or refund per item under our standard warranty.

Extended Warranties/Protection Plans:

In addition to the standard warranty above, we also provide affordable extended warranties/protection plans that customers can purchase if desired. These warranties can be added to your cart and purchased, as you would purchase a jewelry item. The warranties are handled by CPS (Consumer Priority Service, click here for information about CPS), a company with headquarters in the USA that we have chosen to partner with due to its reputation for excellent customer service and diverse warranty options covering many types of products.


These extended warranties are different than the basic warranty offered by Le Gem Nouveau, as they also cover accidental damage that occurs with normal usage. This means they are also protection plans. Broken, bent, cracked, chipped and dented jewelry are all covered under this policy. Please refer to the CPS website FAQ section for more information: https://www.cpscentral.com/jewelry-extended-warranty-protection-plan/

The CPS warranties above do not cover lost or stolen jewelry, or damage from misuse. Each warranty covers one jewelry item (you can purchase multiple warranties if you would like coverage for multiple jewelry items). None of our warranties include coverage for routine maintenance of jewelry. These warranties (from Le Gem Nouveau or CPS) are not maintenance plans.

Process and Repairs:

If you purchase a warranty/protection plan, your coverage will begin on day 31 post purchase and will be covered by CPS. You will contact them for service. If any issues with your jewelry arise before then, you should contact Le Gem Nouveau, as our return period is still in effect during that time (click here to see our Returns and Refunds Policy).

For jewelry repair claims, CPS will offer you two convenient options:

Option 1: Bring your jewelry to a local repair shop and submit your estimate to CPS for approval and reimbursement.

Option 2: If you prefer to ship your jewelry to CPS for coverage, they will provide you with instructions. Once received, they will repair your jewelry and ship it back to you. Most claims are resolved in 5-7 business days.

If CPS cannot repair your jewelry, they will replace the jewelry with the same product or provide you with a check for the current market value of the item.


Warranty pricing varies by product cost and the duration of the warranty:

2 Year Watch & Jewelry under $250.00 USD $19.79 USD
2 Year Watch & Jewelry under $500.00 USD $34.99 USD
2 Year Watch & Jewelry under $1,000.00 USD $54.39 USD
2 Year Watch & Jewelry under $1,500.00 USD $82.99 USD
2 Year Watch & Jewelry under $2,000.00 USD $159.59 USD
1 Year Watch & Jewelry under $250.00 USD $12.39 USD
1 Year Watch & Jewelry under $500.00 USD $18.39 USD
1 Year Watch & Jewelry under $1,000.00 USD $29.19 USD
1 Year Watch & Jewelry under $1,500.00 USD $56.99 USD
1 Year Watch & Jewelry under $2,000.00 USD $103.99 USD


The warranty options above will usually be shown in the "Essential Information" section of each product listing, but if they are not, you can use the links in the table to navigate to the warranty's product page and add it to your cart.

Contact and Resources:

If you purchase an extended warranty, all claims should be directed to CPS once the warranty periods starts. For more information or to contact CPS, please refer to their website: https://www.cpscentral.com/jewelry-extended-warranty-protection-plan/. There is a live chat feature that customers can use on the website.

CPS can also be reached by phone: 1 (800) 905-0443


Contact us at salesadmin@legemnouveau.com with any questions about our warranty policy.