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Jewelry Size Guides

Step 1: To find your bangle size, you will need to take the size of your hand into account. Cut a string long enough to comfortably measure your hand or obtain a measuring tape.
Step 2: To measure, tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand (as if you're about to put on a bangle) and using a measuring tape or a piece of string, measure your hand all the way around at the widest point (see image below). If you use a string, you will need to mark it where it overlaps.
Step 3: If you used a string, measure it from its leading edge to the mark using a ruler. If you used a measuring tape, simply use the measurement from the tape.
Measuring your hand for a bangle Le Gem Nouveau
Step 4: Now you have the measurement for the circumference of your hand. You can use this to determine if a bangle will fit. We will provide circumference measurements in inches and cm or mm for the bangles sold in our store, so that you can compare. See the image below for an explanation of bangle circumference and diameter.
Bangle Circumference and Diameter Le Gem Nouveau
If you already own a bangle that fits well, you can use that to determine the size for a new bangle by measuring it as shown below.
Measuring bangle circumference and diameter Le Gem Nouveau
You can use the chart below to determine the bangle's approximate circumference from the diameter measurement obtained above.
Bangle diamter circumference conversion chart Le Gem Nouveau
Measure Wrist Size Le Gem Nouveau
STEP 2: After measuring your wrist in Step 1, use the chart below to choose the best fit.
Snug Fit Add 0.5 to 0.75 inches/ 1.3 to 1.9 cm
Medium/Comfort Fit Add 0.75 to 1 inches/ 1.9 to 2.54 cm
Loose Fit Add 1 to 1.5 inches/ 2.54 to 3.8 cm

Helpful Hints:

  • If a bracelet is very thick, it is usually best to choose a medium/looser fit, rather than a snug fit.
  • An alternative method for determining bracelet size is to measure a bracelet you already own that fits well and select a similarly sized bracelet to purchase.
Drop Earrings
Drop Earrings Size Guide Le Gem Nouveau
Necklace Size Guide Le Gem Nouveau

Necklace Length



Body Position

14 inches/ 35.6cm


Fits closely around the neck

16 inches/ 40.6cm


Fits loosely around the neck

18 inches/ 45.7cm


Sits at the collar bone, just below the throat

24 inches/ 61.0cm


Sits around the top of the bust

30 inches/ 76.2cm


Sits around the center of the bust

40 inches/ 101.6cm


Drapes below the bust

47 inches/ 119.4cm


Drapes below the bust toward the waistline

Note: This is a general guide only; the positioning of a necklace will vary with different body types. An alternative method for determining your ideal necklace size is to compare the measurements of our products with a necklace you already own that fits according to your preference. Most of our necklaces are in the princess length range at 17-18 inches long.


All of our rings follow standard US/Canada sizing guidelines.

  1. Cut a string about 6 inches/ 15.2cm long.
  2. Wrap the string around the base of the finger where it will be worn.
  3. Mark where the string overlaps with a marker.
  4. Place the string on a ruler.
  5. The mm number closest to the mark on the string is the circumference of the ring size in millimeters (mm).
  6. Reference the conversion chart below with your measurement to get your ring size.

Helpful Hints:

  • If your knuckle is a lot larger than the base of your finger, you may want to measure both the base of your finger and your knuckle and select a size between the two measurements to allow the ring to slip on easily.
  • If you are considering a wider band, you may want to size up for comfort.
  • If you already own rings that fit well, reference those rings when selecting a size.

Ring Size Guide Le Gem Nouveau

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