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Frequently Asked Questions:

To help our customers gain a better understanding of how we do things in our store, we've created this list of frequently asked questions and have provided answers below.

Do you have a question?

Feel free to contact us by email at salesadmin@legemnouveau.com. We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

Ordering Process

A: You will receive an order confirmation via email within a few minutes of ordering. It will go to the email address you entered at check out. Please check your spam folder for the email.

A: Please check your spam/junk folder, as our emails may end up there, especially if you've never ordered from us before. You should also wait a couple of hours for the email to show up. It usually arrives instantly, but there can be occasional delays. If you've already considered the above suggestions, please contact us at salesadmin@legemnouveau.com, so that we can investigate the issue. We can re-send the email. We will also ask you to verify the contact email you entered at checkout, as that is the email we will use to send a confirmation email. If that email was entered incorrectly, this could be the reason you did not receive the order confirmation.

A: Yes, we do accept cancellations; however, this is very time sensitive. We try to dispatch orders as quickly as possible and cannot cancel orders once they are shipped. Please alert us of any desire to cancel an order as soon as possible to allow for the best chance of a successful cancellation. If we are unable to cancel your order, you will have to initiate a return when the item arrives at your location if you do not want to keep the item.

Payment Information

A: Yes, it is. Through Shopify (which powers our store), we use a TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate (sometimes called an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate) that encrypts communication between our store and external content. TLS certificates are provided for all domains that are added to Shopify. This encryption ensures your data stays private and secure.

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Klarna, and Sezzle.

A: We offer financing in the form of Klarna and Sezzle. These companies allow qualified customers to pay for their items in 4 installments, instead of all at once. The installments are usually spread out over 6 weeks and are interest-free. To learn more about Klarna, click here. To learn more about Sezzle, click here.

Both options will be available at checkout. You will need to have an account with these companies before using them to pay, as they are independent from Le Gem Nouveau.

A: We process payments instantly (right after you place an order), but the time it takes for this to show up on your credit card or bank statement will vary depending on your institution. Most institutions take 2-5 business days to add a transaction to your online statement.

A: Yes, they are.

A: If your payment was declined, please review the information you entered at checkout, including the cardholder name and address, to ensure everything was entered correctly. Most of the time, incorrect entry of payment details is the reason for a declined payment. In this case, simply correct the details and try your payment again. You should also check that you have not exceeded your credit limit, as that can cause your credit company to reject the purchase.

The last reason for a declined payment is that it was flagged by our fraud detection software. If you believe your order has been mistakenly flagged as fraudulent, please contast us at salesadmin@legemnouveau.com for assistance.

Shipping & Delivery

A: At this time, we ship to the USA only. This may change in the future.

A: We ship products from USA warehouses and directly from overseas (usually Chinese) manufacturers that have partnered with us. This helps us keep a larger inventory.

A: We use different shipping companies for different warehouse locations. Products may ship with any of the following couriers: USPS, DHL, Fedex, or UPS.

A: Yes. All parcels will be trackable. You will receive a tracking update email with a tracking number once your order has shipped. You should receive this update 2-5 business days (this excludes weekends and holidays) after you order. Please check your spam folder for our emails, as they can sometimes end up there.

A: Standard items ship in 2-5 business days. Made to order items ship in 10 to 14 business days. The reason for this is that these items are handmade when you place an order. Made to order items will be labelled as such in the item description (see the "Made to Order" tab in the description of applicable items). Once items have shipped, they will be in transit for 5-8 business days. This transit time applies to all items.

Product Information

A: Yes, they are. We purchase from reputable suppliers that have given us evidence of their practices and materials.

It is important to note that while we sell products with genuine, natural gemstones, we also sell some products that include manufactured gemstones. In each product listing, we will give information about materials that are included in that product. For example, a product that includes natural amethyst would be listed as including "natural amethyst" or simply "amethyst." A product that includes a manufactured gemstone will have the words "created," "simulated," or "synthetic" in the description of the stone. Some products include both natural and manufactured stones.

All metals used conform to international standards for those metals.

A: Since we strive to offer variety, we sell products that are made domestically in the USA and foreign-made products (usually from Chinese suppliers). Some products are imported and some are shipped direct from factories that partner with us (this allows us to keep a larger inventory).

A: Yes, we do. We work with qualified jewelry artisans who run quality controlled, safety-minded workshops and factories.

A: Yes. We offer a 90-day limited warranty on every product we sell free of charge. The warranty period begins the day after purchase and ends after 90 days. This warranty only covers issues that arise from factory defects.

In addition, we offer affordable extended warranties. These warranties are optional and can be purchased with your jewelry item. These warranties cover accidental damage in addition to factory defects, so they are more comprehensive than our basic warranty.

Read more about warranties by clicking here.

General Information

A: No, we are an online only retailer.

A: Our headquarters are in Canada, but we operate mainly in the USA at this time. We use warehouses in the USA and China to ship and store products.

Reviewing Your Purchase

A: Our review process is fairly simple. You do not need to be logged into your account or even create an account to submit a review. First, visit our website and locate the product you purchased. To do this, you can search for it in the search bar using keywords or you may be able to click on a link for it in your order or shipping confirmation email.

Then, scroll to the "customer reviews" section of the product page. Next, fill in the required sections for the review and click "submit review." The review may take a few minutes to populate. Once submitted, the review will be visible to anyone who visits that product page.

A: We value honest reviews, so we like to keep this process fairly open and simple. Reviews should be relevant to the product you purchased and your overall experience with us.

The reviews posted on our site can be seen by anyone who accesses it, so we ask that you refrain from any vulgar language, person attacks, or reviews that do not focus on the product you're reviewing and your experience with our customer service.

If reviews do not comply with the above guidelines, we may remove or edit them (meaning we might sensor the language in the review, while leaving the star rating as it was entered).