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Which Rings Go On Which Fingers?

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Which Rings Go On Which Fingers? - Le Gem Nouveau

Which Rings Go On Which Fingers?

When we have so many beautiful rings to choose from, how do we know which ring goes on which finger? Sometimes we may just put a ring on any finger, not realizing that we might be making an error. Many people don't realize that where we place a ring on our hand can have so much significance.

Which Rings Go On Which Fingers?

To clear up a few misconceptions about which finger we should use to wear a particular ring, we have put together a handy wearing guide for a variety of different rings.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

In most Western cultures, the accepted finger to place your wedding or engagement ring is on your left hand, right next to your pinky. When you first get engaged, flashing that sparkly diamond ring might become a bit of a pastime. Then, when you get married, your wedding ring is usually placed alongside your engagement ring on the same finger.

Some even go so far as to have an eternity ring, too. The eternity ring can be a complete circular band of precious stones, and it can be worn alongside the wedding band and the engagement ring. If you are going to have this sort of stacking ring effect, make sure you go for a narrower band. After all, you need to leave some space on your other fingers for all those other beautiful rings you are going to wear!

Making a Statement

If you are going to wear a ring on your left index finger, you are certainly making a bold statement. This finger is a good place to wear that gorgeous costume jewelry ring or your class ring. Wear a ring like this Portuguese Filigree Ring on your index finger, and you will certainly get noticed!

Portuguese Filigree Ring

The Right Index Finger

Historically, some cultures wore their wedding bands on their right index finger. These gold bands would have been very noticeable as our index finger is quite prominent on our hands. The original reason for wearing a wedding ring on this finger may have been to demonstrate to others that someone is already married. However, if you just like to wear a ring on this finger, don’t worry too much about it being confused with a wedding band these days!

The Right Hand Wedding Finger

Just as we like to wear our wedding rings on our left hand, other cultures - such as German, Russian and Indian - like to use the finger next to the pinky on their right hand as their wedding ring finger. This does sometime cause confusion, but it is a good topic for discussion!

Wearing a Thumb Ring

Wearing a ring on your thumb is a good place to show off those bands that you really love, like this Rhodium, Gold & Ruthenium Brass Ring. Just make sure that the ring fits well below your knuckle because you wouldn’t want it to slip off and get lost. We use our thumbs daily for a number of tasks, so if you like to wear a ring on your thumb, make sure that it is properly fitted.

Rhodium, Gold & Ruthenium Brass Ring

Mystical Meanings

Some people believe that they should wear their rings according to the mystical properties of their hands. For example, wearing a ruby or garnet ring on your thumb will demonstrate assertion and your strength of will. Wear a blue stone ring on your index finger to show self-confidence and leadership. The ring finger on either hand symbolizes relationships, which ties in with the wedding ring finger in many cultures. Finally, the little finger is reserved for rings with amber stones for intuition and good communication skills.

There are many traditions connected to wearing rings, and some rings may give you added confidence just by wearing them on the right finger! Regardless of which finger you like to wear your ring on, it really does come down to personal choice. However, it is traditional to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of your left or right hand as it is a useful sign that will stop people from thinking that you are single only to be embarrassingly informed that you are married! Up until a few years ago, many men chose not to wear a wedding ring at all, but in recent years, wedding and engagement rings have become popular for them, too. Why not delve into a bit of mystic symbolism and enhance your daily life with the help of these beautiful rings and precious stones?

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