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What Is The Most Common Engagement Ring?

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What Is The Most Common Engagement Ring? - Le Gem Nouveau

What Is The Most Common Engagement Ring?

Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, have already chosen it, or are just waiting for your partner to pop the question, getting a ring you love enough to wear for the rest of your life is a big decision.

If you want something understated and traditional, a bespoke design, or a ring that has the wow factor, there is a wide variety of choice out there when it comes to engagement rings, so having some idea of what you are looking for before you start browsing will help you enjoy the process a lot more and not become too overwhelmed.

Original Rings

One trend that jewelers are reporting lately is customers wanting to design their own ring or add a personal touch to the ring they choose. Couples want the ring they buy to be totally original and unique. The more alternative and unusual the ring is, the better. Even those who are choosing rings that are already made are opting for personal messages to be engraved on the inside, giving them some extra-special meaning.

Band Rings

Traditionally, engagement rings are in the form of a gold band with a single stone. However, brides-to-be are now wanting band-style rings that have stones set in the precious metal going all the way around, as in an eternity ring. For a beautiful band ring without the high price tag, the Portuguese Marcasite Ring is perfect for giving to that someone special in your life. Handmade out of sterling silver, the ring comes with an official guarantee of the purity of the metal.

Portuguese Marcasite Ring

Two in one

Another trend that retailers are beginning to notice more and more is customers not wanting separate engagement and wedding rings and opting instead for a single ring that represents both. This is already a common practice in many European countries. An example of a two-in-one ring is the White and Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, which is at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to cost but is an exquisite piece of jewelry made from 14k white and rose gold.

White & Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Traditional Rings

Of course, the traditional engagement ring of a single solitaire diamond is still very popular. It is also possible to opt for this design but select a different stone, or choose a different style of ring that adds a modern twist to a classic design. Traditionally, diamond rings can cost a bit more - in some cases, a lot more - but an engagement ring is for life and worth spending your hard-earned cash on if possible. For example, the 14k White Gold round diamond engagement ring and the 14k Gold round halo diamond engagement ring both come with a central feature diamond and have smaller diamonds around the band.


For those who like the idea of their engagement ring becoming a family heirloom, looking for vintage-inspired designs will help when making the choice. Having a precious piece that can be handed down through the generations is a lovely tradition that many families subscribe to.

Side Stones

The side stone design ring, where the ring has a break in the middle with stones on either side, has increased in popularity after Meghan Markle was pictured wearing diamonds and makes a good engagement ring for those who want something a little different.

Diamond and Gold Alternatives

Not everyone wants diamonds. For brides looking at alternatives, stones such as emeralds are very much in style. One example is the Pink Classic Solitaire Ring, which has a pink-colored center stone secured by metal prongs, with four cubic zirconia stones set on either side. The ring is made using highly polished gold and rhodium-plated brass, making it suitable for long-term wear. Customers are also looking at the choices of gold, with yellow gold and white gold being the most popular choices, followed by rose gold.

Pink Classic Solitaire Ring

Not all engagement rings need to break the bank. For example, the gold Dainty Love Knot Ring, which is a promise ring, is a symbol of commitment and represents the love between two people, regardless of their future plans.

Buying Online

In 2020, customers shopped online like never before, and this included jewelry. Arranging virtual consultations became the norm, and couples realized it was possible to select the ring of their dreams from their chosen website. This was also helped by social media sites such as Instagram, which helped show what was available and how it would look.

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