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What Is Considered A Stud Earring?

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What Is Considered A Stud Earring? - Le Gem Nouveau

What Is Considered A Stud Earring?

A stud earring is a simply designed earring that fits in the ear piercing using a post. Stud earrings generally have butterfly clips attached at the back of the ear to keep them securely in place. Stud earrings are usually smaller and more petite than other feature earrings, such as hoop or drop earrings. Because the size of the stud earring is smaller, if the wearer has more than one ear piercing, a smaller stud earring can be worn alongside it to complement the larger feature earring. Stud earrings are a great way to wear extra earrings in the ear area without it looking cluttered.

Stud Earrings in Gold and Silver

Stud earrings also come in a range of styles and precious metals. If you love silver jewelry, for example, look for stud earrings in silver, white gold or platinum to complement your other range of earrings in the same silver tone. It is generally not a good idea to mix metals - for example, to wear a silver stud with a gold earring. Although this is not a firm jewelry fashion rule, it is better to keep the precious metals that you wear within the same color range. Wear silver with silver tones and gold with gold tones.

10K Gold 1/6ct. Diamond Bezel Studs

However, you can break this rule if the stud earring features a precious stone, like a diamond or a manufactured stone such as a cubic zirconia. A diamond or cubic zirconia stud earring, like these 10K Gold 1/6ct. Diamond Bezel Studs, will go a long way toward complementing your other earrings. 

Stud Earrings for Daily Wear

Because stud earrings are easy to wear, they are a great choice to wear everyday to school, college, the office or the gym. With stud earrings, you can just wear and forget them. There are no dangling drops to distract from that formal office suit as stud earrings have a classic look that will adorn the ear without drawing too much attention to the area. If you are a sporty person, they will not get entangled in your gym clothes or cause irritation when out for a run or a swim.

Different Stud Earring Designs

Stud earrings are also available in a range of beautiful designs, so you don’t have to be limited by wearing a plain stud earring. The stud earring complements other earrings without distracting from their design. If your other earrings have a great design with lots of features, you can complement them by wearing them with plainly-designed stud earrings.

14k Yellow Gold Rose Post Earrings

Other types of stud earrings could be a feature themselves, like these 14k Yellow Gold Rose Post Earrings. There are so many pretty designs to choose from. If you love nature, look for designs that feature animals and plants or the moon and stars. Many stud earrings feature a gemstone such as aquamarine, amethyst or emerald. These stud earrings can be worn to complement a particular color of outfit you are wearing, or you can choose one that features your birthstone.

Jewelry Sets

Stray Cat Jewelry Set

Designers often help us with our jewelry choices by designing complete sets of jewelry to complement each other, like this Stray Cat Jewelry Set. You could buy a set of jewelry that features a beautiful, dramatic necklace that is combined with a bracelet and a pair of stud earrings that bring the entire look together. The designer has done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is find the right outfit to wear with your designer-styled jewelry set.

Care for Your Stud Earrings

One of the main advantages of stud earrings also happens to be one of their drawbacks. Because they are so tiny, if they happen to fall out, it can be hard to locate them! You can make sure this doesn’t happen by occasionally checking the butterfly clip at the back of the earring to make sure it hasn’t become loose. Another tip is to take out your stud earrings regularly to give them a good cleaning with a recommended jewelry cleaner, or even soap and water. Just make sure that they are perfectly dry before you put them on again.

Stud earrings are a great jewelry standby that are available in a range of precious metals and designs. You can wear your stud earrings to any event, formal or informal, and they will not look out of place. Stud earrings are a great choice for anyone who wants a more subdued piece of jewelry to wear with a statement necklace, and they also look elegant when worn on their own.

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