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What is a Bar Necklace?

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What is a Bar Necklace? - Le Gem Nouveau

What is a Bar Necklace?

The simple bar necklace consists of a bar that sits either diagonally or horizontally and is attached to a chain. Traditionally available in either silver or gold-colored metal, like this Long Gold Bar Y-Necklace, the recent surge in popularity of these beautiful necklaces has seen colored gemstones becoming more popular. These are worn as a feature of the more traditional bar necklace, or the entire bar can be made from the gemstone.

Long Gold Bar Y-Necklace

Why Have Different Gemstones?

The availability of bar necklaces featuring different colored gemstones is great for the wearer as they can wear a bar necklace that will go with whatever color they have chosen for their clothes. They can mix and match, or they can own a variety of different bar necklaces for each occasion.

What Do Different Gemstones Symbolize?

Different gemstones have different meanings. Here is a look at what different gemstones symbolize and how they should be worn.


Agate comes in a variety of colors. The rarer ones are usually blue or green in color, and these are more expensive to buy. Agate is said to strengthen love, improve relationships and promote harmony.


Amethyst is usually found in a beautiful shade of purple. It is said to increase charm and attractiveness. It is the stone of mystery, romance and elegance, so wear an amethyst bar necklace if you are out to impress or have your eye on someone and want their attention.


Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend. They are often used to set engagement or wedding rings as they are the hardest stones ever discovered by man, and this symbolizes the unbreakable durability of a bond. They look stunning in a bar necklace as they twinkle in the light and will be shown off well.


Emeralds are usually found in a stunning shade of green, and they are said to encourage peace and tranquility. Emerald has long been thought of as the stone of truth. It encourages honesty and protects the wearer from evil spirits. The vibrancy of this green-colored gemstone looks delightful against a slender silver chain, and its color makes it a wonderful choice for a bar necklace.



Jade is available in many different colors, but it is usually a dark shade of green. It has been used in jewelry for centuries as it is said to have protective qualities. Jade is believed to promote intuition, clarity, and wisdom.


Onyx is a black stone, and it has been used to create stunning pieces of jewelry for centuries. This was said to be Queen Victoria’s favorite gemstone, and it was certainly used for a lot of jewelry-making during her lifetime. For a modern twist on this classic gemstone, wear a bar necklace made with a dramatic twist of onyx and gold. This will look stunning against evening wear, but it is neutrally colored enough to set off any shade you have chosen to wear nicely.


Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June. A pearl bar necklace makes a fantastic birthday gift for anyone who was born in this month. This stone also represents 30 years of marriage and makes a wonderful wedding anniversary gift. Pearl symbolizes health, wealth, peace, and longevity.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is named for its beautiful, calming shade of soft pink. Reminiscent of a summer’s day, a rose quartz bar necklace creates the perfect finishing touch to a barbecue outfit or an ensemble you have chosen for a day at the races. It is a sweet, refined stone that is said to symbolize tenderness. It offers a sense of inner calm and self-confidence to the wearer.


The red ruby symbolizes passion. This stone should be worn for dramatic effect by those seeking attention and adventure. It is the birthstone of July and symbolizes 40 years of marriage. Ruby bar necklaces make stunning summer birthday or anniversary gifts for your loved ones.



Sapphire is found in a variety of different colors, but it is usually dark blue. It is the gemstone of loyalty and peace, and its beautiful shade of blue looks fabulous set against silver or gold in a necklace.


Topaz is said to cure several ailments, such as insomnia and digestive problems. Wear it if you are feeling under the weather and see if it works for you. Topaz is also said to promote emotional stability and prevent nightmares.

Now that you know what all these gemstones symbolize, you can choose the one that suits your mood the best.

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