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What Does an Infinity Ring Mean?

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What Does an Infinity Ring Mean? - Le Gem Nouveau

What Does an Infinity Ring Mean?

The infinity ring originated in Turkey and is said to be a symbol of faithfulness and love. It is often exchanged between married or dating couples as a token of everlasting love. However, it can also be used to cement a deep platonic friendship.

What Does an Infinity Ring Look Like?

The infinity ring is very distinctive-looking because it consists of separate rings that are connected in such a way that they form an interwoven knot. The rings are often designed in a figure eight. This is symbolic because it is a continuous pattern that has no beginning or end. It does feature high points and low points in the pattern, which represents the ups and downs of eternal love.

A Celtic knot, similar to this Dainty Love Knot Ring, is another design that is often used as an infinity ring. It bears the same meaning in Celtic tradition as an infinity ring that symbolizes the number eight.

Dainty Love Knot Ring

Is an Eternity Ring the Same Thing?

The symbolism of both rings is the same, which is why it can get a little bit confusing. However, they are made very differently. While an infinity ring is made to stay in one location and has its symbolic design at the front, eternity bands, such as this Love Knot Ring, have a design that encircles the finger.

Love Knot Ring

What Finger Do You Wear an Infinity Ring On?

There is no hard and fast rule when deciding which finger to wear an infinity ring on. Some people opt for the third finger on the left hand. There is a vein that runs straight from this finger to your heart, and it is believed that if you wear a ring on this finger, you are wearing it as close to your heart as possible. For this reason, engagement and wedding rings are worn on this finger in Western culture.

Although wearing a ring on your third finger is romantic, there are reasons some people choose not to do this. For example, because it is a commitment ring, the wearer may not want others to confuse it with an engagement or wedding ring by wearing it on that finger and will therefore select a different finger to wear it on.

Married couples often exchange infinity rings as a token of commitment as a wedding anniversary present. They are popular for first anniversaries as well as when another decade has gone by, such as for the 25th or 30th wedding anniversary. The couple may already be wearing engagement and wedding rings on the third finger of their right hand, which means it can get a bit crowded and the infinity ring won’t necessarily stand out on this finger. Therefore, married couples often wear an infinity ring on the third finger of their right hand instead.

The wedding ring finger is a symbol of romantic love as it is connected to the heart, so many platonic friends who exchange infinity rings choose not to wear them on this finger. There is no set tradition for this, so it is up to the individual to decide what finger they want to wear their infinity ring on or what finger feels the most comfortable for wearing it.

What Are Infinity Rings Made Of?

What Are Infinity Rings Made Of?

Infinity rings are usually made from silver, gold, or platinum as these are strong metals that can last for a long time. This is symbolic of the relationship it represents. These rings can be plain bands so as not to distract from the detail of the design. However, setting them with gemstones is also a popular idea. Diamonds are used frequently as they represent devotion, loyalty, and fidelity. Many people who are celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary set them with gemstones that represent the number of years they have been married.

Which Gemstone Represents A Wedding Anniversary?

Symbolism becomes more important the longer a couple has been married, and an infinity ring is a popular gift for a milestone anniversary from the 25th year onward. The best anniversaries to celebrate with an infinity ring are:

25th anniversary - Silver

30th anniversary - Pearl

40th anniversary - Ruby

50th anniversary - Gold

55th anniversary - Emerald

60th anniversary - Diamond

70th anniversary - Platinum

The infinity ring is a wonderful symbolic gesture of love, devotion, and friendship. This tradition has been around for centuries and will remain for many years to come. Giving or receiving an infinity ring is a wonderful idea and will make an everlasting gesture to the person you love.

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