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What Do Earrings Symbolize?

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What Do Earrings Symbolize? - Le Gem Nouveau

What Do Earrings Symbolize?

Earrings have been used to adorn the ears for thousands of years by both males and females. Here is a guide as to what earrings represent.


Earrings have had different meanings as time has gone by. For example, they were worn by ancient Egyptians to symbolize their wealth and high status. In Roman times, they had the opposite meaning and were worn as a symbol of slavery. Nowadays, they are worn because people like to follow fashion and enhance their appearance, and earrings are a good way of doing this.


In some religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, wearing earrings is associated with religion. For example, it is a part of Indian culture to give a female child an ear piercing ceremony when they are young as it is said to enhance their intelligence and ability to make wise decisions.

Buddhists believe that Buddha has long earlobes, which show his superior status. Many Buddhists pierce their own ears to represent this and to symbolize their religious beliefs.

Wearing A Single Earring

Wearing A Single Earring

Men have worn earrings for as long as women have. In modern times, it has become popular for women to wear an earring in each ear and a man to choose a single ear. In the 1980s, when a man wore an earring in his left ear, it was said to symbolize his preference for opposite-gender relationships, whereas wearing a single earring in his right ear was said to represent the opposite. In these days of gender fluidity, this symbolism is largely ignored and men wear earrings in either ear regardless of their sexual preference. It is now common for a man to wear an earring in his left ear if he is right-handed. This is because he will tend to hold his phone to his right ear, and this can make earrings feel uncomfortable if he is on a long call.

What Do Common Earring Styles Represent?

Four-Leaf Clover - This is a traditional symbol of good luck. The four leaves of the clover each have their own meaning. The first leaf symbolizes faith; the second, hope; the third represents love and the fourth one is for good luck.

Heart - Heart-Shaped Earrings represent unity and affection. The heart is said to symbolize love, and heart-shaped gifts are often exchanged by lovers on St Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Earrings

Cross - This is a religious symbol, and it is worn to represent the Christian faith. It is believed that wearing a cross will help to protect the wearer from evil. Cross Earrings have been fashionable for centuries and they never seem to go out of style, although the color, material and size they are made in can change with the times.

Cross Earrings

Horseshoe - In ancient times, blacksmiths were believed to have supernatural skills and knowledge of white magic that would ward off evil spirits. The horseshoes they made were said to be lucky. Even in modern times, this symbol is representative of good fortune and luck.

Infinity Sign - The infinity sign has been popular for many hundreds of years. It is shaped like a number eight, which has no beginning or end and therefore is a good way to represent infinity. These earrings make wonderful gifts for lovers to exchange to signify their devotion to each other.

Anchors - This is a fun, nautical symbol with a deeper meaning. Anchors are said to represent solid and strong foundations and can remind the wearer to stay grounded. They are great earrings to wear for a job interview as they are said to keep your mind calm and focused.

Arrows - Traditionally, earrings shaped like arrows should point to the left as this is said to ward off evil spirits. They also represent certainty and give the wearer a sense of direction and power.

Yin and Yang - This is a Chinese symbol that has become increasingly popular in the western world. The Chinese believe that the universe is governed by two opposing and complementing cosmic energies. This sign symbolizes the need for balance between these two powerful forces.

Key - This is a popular symbol. Key earrings are often given on 18th or 21st birthdays to represent unlocking the door to adulthood and new opportunities.

Earrings represent many different things. Wear a different pair every day to symbolize how you are feeling when you wake up, or choose your favorite pairs and wear them to bring you good luck and great happiness.

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