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What are resizable/adjustable rings?

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What are resizable/adjustable rings? - Le Gem Nouveau

What are resizable/adjustable rings?

Resizable or adjustable rings are not sold in specific sizes, but are instead sold in a broader size range (such as small, medium, large with a given size range for each broad size) or a single size (often listed as "resizable" or "adjustable" with a varying range). 

Resizable/adjustable rings generally have a gap in the band or an overlapping adjustable band, which allows them to be made slightly bigger or smaller than their default size. This allows them to fit a range of ring sizes. Rings with a gap are also called open rings (Note: not all open rings are designed to be adjustable). See the images below:

Open ring

The first image is an open ring, with a gap in the band.

Resizable/adjustable ring

The second image is an adjustable/resizable ring, with an overlapping band. Adjustable rings of this type look very similar to a traditional ring when worn, which is part of their appeal.

What sizes do adjustable/resizable rings fit?

The size range recommended for adjustable rings will vary by ring design and manufacturer. The adjustable rings sold by Le Gem Nouveau are designed to fit people with US ring sizes 5 to 8 with the default size being a US 6 to 7 in most styles.

How do I adjust a resizable/adjustable ring?

To adjust a ring, please remember to do so slowly and carefully. Adjustable rings are not designed to be pulled or squeezed without care and can break if over-adjusted or adjusted roughly.

To Make The Ring Smaller:

First, slip the ring on the intended finger. Next, use the fingers on your free hand to slowly and gently squeeze the ring's band inwards from both sides while wearing it. When possible, apply gentle pressure to the top of the ring to maintain the round shape while adjusting.Repeat this until the ring fits as desired around the finger you have chosen. Remember to take your knuckle into account, so that you don't make the ring too small to slip off.

To Make The Ring Larger:

Enlarge the ring by using your index fingers and thumbs to slowly and gently pull the ring's band outward from both sides. Try it on the finger where you intend to wear it and adjust further if necessary.


  • Remember that adjustable rings are designed to be adjusted in very small increments. There is just a 7.6mm difference between a US size 5 and US size 8 (approximately 49.3mm to 56.9mm), which means you are adjusting your ring by mere millimeters only.
  • Be gentle and slow; if you apply too much pressure or attempt too large of an adjustment, the ring can be damaged.
  • Avoid frequent readjustments, as this can weaken the metal or the gemstone settings. It is best to find a comfortable size and keep the ring at that size.
  • Avoid adjusting your ring each time you remove it or slip it on. Instead, twist it on or off gently as though it were a regular ring. It will always have a little more "give" than a regular ring, so it should naturally be easier to twist off.


Adjustable rings work well for people who have an idea of their size, but do not know the exact measurement. They can be handy as gifts in the same way. They can also be useful for people with larger knuckles or fingers that tend to swell, as they will always have a little bit of flexibility to them, even if full adjustments are not being made. People who are in between ring sizes may find a more comfortable fit with adjustable rings.

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