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What are Huggie Earrings?

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What are Huggie Earrings? - Le Gem Nouveau

What are Huggie Earrings?

Huggie earrings are a type of earring that is worn all over the world. Many people who wear this style of earring say they are the only style they will ever wear, and there are many compelling reasons for this.

They're fashionable

Huggie earrings are very much in style right now, and fashion influencers across the states are rocking this particular look. However, because they are so stylish, they are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. They are versatile, easy to wear, affordable and can be worn alongside other earrings, so no matter how many piercings you have, huggie designs are the way to go.

They Play Nicely With Long Hair

Let’s talk about earrings and long hair! Whether you have long hair, thick hair or fine hair, hair and earrings do not always get along. Hair can get caught up in the earring, twisted and knotted around the back. This can result in having to pull your hair away from the earring, which is uncomfortable, sometimes painful and can result in hair becoming attached to the earring or the earring being pulled out, lost or damaged.

No Earring Backs

Most earrings are designed to have a pin attached to the earring that goes into the hole in the ear, which is then secured by an earring back. There are different types of earring backs, but the most common type is called a butterfly back, or scroll back. However, one of the joys of huggie-style earrings is that they don’t use backs, as they have been designed to be secured either via a hinge at the bottom or a clip at the top. Classic Teardrop Huggie Earrings, consist of 18k rose gold-plated brass rings, with one side encrusted with zirconia stones that form a teardrop shape. They are the perfect earring, offering comfort and the wow factor.

Classic Teardrop Huggie Earrings

Get the Look

Huggie earrings were originally designed to "hug" the ear, hence the name. However, due to their popularity, they have now evolved and a range of huggie styles are also available. Huggie earrings look much cleaner on the ear when compared to traditional hoop earrings. With a huggie-style earring, the rings connects to the ear itself; with a hoop-style earring, the pin can be seen as well as the hole in the ear, which doesn’t look as attractive.

Unique Designs

Huggie Earrings can be classic and minimalist in style, or glamorous and bold. The Multi-crystal Huggie 18k Gold Plated Hoop Earrings feature three rows of delicate diamonds, offering a delicate waterfall effect that's perfect for those nights out and extra-special occasions.

Multi-crystal Huggie 18k Gold Plated Hoop Earrings


Huggie earrings are more comfortable than regular earrings. They don’t dig into your neck, even when you are being hugged by a friend or loved one! They are also comfortable when talking on the telephone and don’t dig into your skin, and another advantage is that you can sleep in them. Although it is recommended that you remove any earrings before going to sleep, for the odd night when you’re just too tired or simply forget to take them off, your huggie earrings won’t disturb your sleep.


Huggie earrings look sophisticated and can be worn as an everyday earring to give a little bit of extra glamour. From plain bands to jewel-encrusted designs, jewelry designers have also created huggie earrings with small pendants and extra detail. The Gold Cross Huggie Earrings have a delicate gold cross hanging down from a twisted gold loop, which offer a hint of elegance. The unique Gold Coin Huggie Dangle Earrings feature a neat gold coin hanging from a smooth gold ring that clips together at the top.

How to Fit Huggie earrings

Huggie earrings tend to hug the earlobe, and because they are more substantial than sleepers, they are easier to fit as they tend to click into place. This means you don’t need to fiddle around and make your ears sore trying to fit them. Huggie earrings are mostly worn on the ear lobe, but they can also be worn for cartilage and other piercings.

Fashion Statement

Pale Amethyst Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are fashionable, affordable, stylish and look great. They fit perfectly, can be worn with other earrings and can be understated or over the top. The Pale Amethyst Huggie Earrings come in white gold plated brass with zirconia accents and look amazing. Worn with a favorite dress or suit, these earrings have the ability to transform an outfit, making the wearer look and feel confident and empowered.

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