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Matching My Jewelry To My Outfit

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Matching My Jewelry To My Outfit - Le Gem Nouveau

Matching My Jewelry To My Outfit

Accessories can really improve an outfit and jewelry can enhance your look, but it’s not always easy to know what pairs well with what. There are no set rules when it comes to matching items of jewelry, but here are some tips on how to get the best out of your jewelry and clothes by making some clever pairing choices.

Necklaces and necklines

Necklaces are one of the most popular items of jewelry, adding definition and interest to most tops and necklines.

High neckline

A high neckline such as a turtleneck or collared shirt can really be enhanced by a chunky or a layered necklace. A necklace such as this Bib Necklace with Colorful Swarovski Crystals would really break up a large expanse of fabric and add interest to the outfit. Another great alternative for a high neckline is a long necklace. This Aquamarine, Hematite & Sodalite Necklace in a longer length, such as 24” or even longer, will draw the eye down and balance the outfit.


A v-neck top ideally suits a pendant necklace, which will hang in the V shape of the neckline. This Circle Pendant Necklace, for example, has a natural V shape, which the neckline will echo beautifully. Look at how deep the V is on your top to choose the appropriate length of necklace. Consider a lariat necklace, such as this "Golden Hours" Locket Lariat, which would perfectly enhance a deep v-shaped neckline on either a top or a dress.

"Golden Hours" Locket Lariat

Round neck

A plain chain is an excellent choice for a round neckline. You will want to choose a necklace that is longer with a crew neck, or shorter with a lower, round neck. The exact style of the necklace will depend on your outfit; you might want to choose a delicate style or opt for a more substantial piece, such as this 14k Yellow Gold Flexible Panther Necklace, which would finish a round-neck top beautifully. This type of necklace would dress up a plain t-shirt, taking your outfit up a level from everyday to something really special.


Earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit. Whatever you are wearing, there will always be a suitable pair of earrings.

Small and chic earrings

Studs perfectly suit everyday outfits and can look stylish with workwear. If you are wearing a statement necklace or you have a lot going on around the neckline of your outfit, you might want to stick to a pair of small and chic earrings. A set like these Swarovski Crystal Cube Earrings are small enough not to overpower any other jewelry or accessories but will enhance facial features and whatever outfit you are wearing.

Statement earrings


Longer earrings or statement earrings can be a great option if you are not wearing a necklace. You can make the earrings the focus and really go to town with either longer styles, such as these Cubics Threader Earrings, or real statement earrings like these Rainbow Tassel Boho Earrings. The exact style will depend on your outfit and whether you are dressed for work, a lunch date or a special occasion event. You might want to go glitzy or select precious stones for more formal occasions, for example. These styles will also suit a halter neck. These tops are hard to style with a necklace, so why not let the earrings take center stage?


Bracelets are a great addition to an outfit with no sleeves or shorter sleeves. Full-length sleeves can mean the bracelet gets lost under the cuff. In addition to being uncomfortable, it means the bracelet won’t be seen! Chunky bracelets like this Cobblestone Link Bracelet can be effective for dressing up a simple outfit, such as a plain little black dress, or livening up a top and jeans, elevating the outfit from ordinary to stylish.

Cobblestone Link Bracelet


With workwear, you might want to opt for smaller, simple designs. For everyday wear, you can choose something larger and more casual; for formal occasions, you can make a statement with something big and bold. A piece like this Triple Ball Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring is elegant and makes a statement.

You might also want to consider the color of your outfit and choose coordinating gems and metals. Don't forget to think about your personality. Have fun with the tips above to choose pieces and make pairings that express your style!

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